Nightmare Garden

Rini and her friends Melanie and Kelly are putting up posters and talking about a bazaar at their old kindergarten. Lita says it's nice of them to help. Rini says that since Serena's her guardian, she and the others have to help too.
A whistle sounds, and the girls look around. It came from a guy at the crosswalk helping some little kids cross the road. The girls immediately notice how handsome he is. Kelly says it's Mr. Honjo, the principal. Mina instantly volunteers to help because she just loves kids so much.
Later, Mr. Honjo thanks the girls for helping. Mina says she was happy to help, and starts going on about how much she loves kids, trying to impress Mr. Honjo. He starts talking about his dream--to raise money to put a flowerbed by the school. He wants children to be able to see more of nature, since the school is downtown. Lita walks over and starts talking about flowers and how she'd like to be a florist when she grows up. Mina's a little mad about Lita trying to steal her guy. She pushes Lita out of the way and starts talking about how she'd like to have a lot of children when she gets married.Mina and Mr. Honjo
This is all going great until a kid comes up and draws on Mina's face. When Mina notices, she gets really mad and grabs Kataro, the little kid who did it. He says she looks better. Mr. Honjo comes over and tells Kataro that that's not nice; he has to apologize. Kataro says that Mina doesn't really like kids at all. Mina glares at him. Lita says to calm down, because he's just a little kid and doesn't know what he's saying. Kataro never really does apologize.
JunJun, VesVes, and PallaPalla are waiting for Zircon to come back with a target. It finally comes back, and Zirconia gives the picture to them. It's Mr. Honjo, of course. JunJun, VesVes, and PallaPalla start fighting over who gets to take it, when CereCere walks over. She says that they should be calmer, and holds out a flower that she says is a gift to them. The flower opens and the other Amazonesses fall asleep. Now the target is all hers.
It's the morning of the bazaar. Lita is helping everyone--Serena and Raye with arts and crafts, and Amy and Rini with pancakes. Then she stuffs a teddy bear. The kids think she's great for doing all this. Mr. Honjo says she's doing a really good job, and she'd be a good kindergarten teacher. Mina runs in and grabs Mr. Honjo away to show him what she made.
What Mina made looks sort of like an oversized cotton ball with a hole through it. She explains that it's for those "cool summer nights when you don't need to use your arms." The kids think it's really weird. Kataro starts unraveling it. Mina chases after him, yelling and calling him a spoiled brat. They knock over Serena and Raye's booth...and Amy and Rini's booth...and head straight toward Lita's stuffed animal booth. Lita yells at Mina to stop, but it's too late.
Mina has actually caught up with Kataro. He's screaming at her to let him go. Mina's completely oblivious to the havoc she's caused, until Lita yells at her. Mina looks around and says she's sorry. Lita's still mad, though, and starts yelling about how much work they've all put into the bazaar. Mina says that Lita's ponytail is too tight. She picks up the bear and gives it to Lita, but it starts falling apart. Lita says they're finished. Mina trys to apologize, but Lita tells her to just go away. So Mina says they're finished too. The other girls look nervous--it sounds like they really mean it this time.
Mina is at home in her room. She blames everything on Kataro. Artemis says she shouldn't have tried to compete with Lita on domestic things, because Lita's so much better. He says Mina should try something that she's good at. And Mina gets an idea...
"Lita may be better than me at cooking and sewing and arts and crafts, but I'm better at...SINGING!!" Mina yells, triumphantly holding up a microphone. She starts laughing insanely, standing on a rock with waves rolling in the background. (I'm not sure if that's supposed to symbolize something, but it looks cool.) Mina goes wacko
A big, fancy limosine pulls up to the bazaar. A red carpet rolls out. Out steps CereCere, wearing some fancy pink-and-yellow outfit, complete with a really big hat. She likes posing as rich people. She starts going through the bazaar, looking for Mr. Honjo.CereCere in disguise
Lita is helping with the pancakes, when Rini asks if anyone's seen Mina. No one has, and Lita says that she certainly doesn't care. Serena asks if Lita's still angry. Lita says, "About what?" and slams the pancake down. Serena keeps asking--"Aren't you mad about the mess? All the destroyed toys? All the damaged booths?" Lita says, "Huh?" and denies the whole thing. There's a vein pulsing on her forehead. She slams the spatula into the pancake and then starts smashing the spatula with her hands. Raye says, "Way to go, Serena." Amy says she's going to go see if Mina's okay. Suddenly there is a loud blast of music...
The song "Route Venus" is playing from a little stage with a few kids gathered around it. Then Mina walks out on stage, wearing a really strange costume. "Moonlight Densetsu" (The Sailor Moon Theme Song) starts playing. The kids all ask each other if anyone's heard of "Miss Mina." No one has, so they decide she must not be cool if she's never been on TV. Mina says there's no use liking kids if they don't like her, and runs off. Artemis starts to go after her, and asks Lita to come with. She says that Mina's always in trouble, but she comes anyway. Sad Mina
Meanwhile, CereCere is looking throught the bazaar. She decides that the whole thing is boring and cheap. Mr. Honjo gives her a balloon and welcomes her to the bazaar.
Lita and Artemis run up to Mina. She's standing against a cement wall. She sighs when she sees them and starts talking about how she wishes she could acheive her dream as early as Lita. Lita gets mad and says that Mina just thinks that her (Lita's) dream is easier, but it's not! They start arguing and Artemis tells them not to get carried away. They both yell "Stay out of it, Furface!" at the same time.
Mr. Honjo is telling CereCere about his flowerbed plan. CereCere says that it's a small dream, just like his cheap bazaar. Mr. Honjo laughs for a second, and says that it's important to him. CereCere says she's going to turn this dream into a nightmare. The balloon pops, revealing her in her Amazoness outfit. She throws seeds around the room, shouting "Seeds of Unhappiness, grow!"
Huge vines start to grow all over the kindergarten. People run out, screaming. (Kind of makes you wonder why anyone still lives around there, doesn't it?) Kataro is standing in a hallway, and yells "I didn't do it! Run away!" Serena, Amy, Raye, and Rini see what's going on and notice Mr. Honjo inside. They start heading towards the building.
Mina and Lita are still talking about their dreams. They're standing on opposite sides of a column now. Kataro runs up and says "Something's wrong, and I didn't do it!" They follow him back to the kindergarten, which is now basically a giant vine-flower thing. CereCere and Mr. Honjo are alone in the middle. CereCere takes out her cue ball and shoots it at Mr. Honjo. It hits him in the back, and his dream mirror appears. But it's just an ordinary one. CereCere gets mad and snaps her pool stick. She's going to destroy his mirror, when a voice says "Stop!" CereCere looks around.CereCere gets mad
A flower opens, and Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Mini-moon make a dramatic entrance. They give a long speech, and CereCere says, "Thank you for that incredibly boring introduction." She takes a seed, throws it into her shadow, and summons JaraJara, the monster-of-the-day. JaraJara drops a bunch of little marbles on the Sailor Scouts. They fall onto a leaf, which starts to close on them. The four of them try to hold the plant apart. Then, Mina and Lita arrive!JaraJara's momentary triumph
Mina and Lita grab their transformation wands, but they are grabbed by vines before they can transform. CereCere starts to walk out, but she is confronted by the rest of the Amazoness Quartet. And they do not look happy. VesVes is playing with her whip, and even PallaPalla is angry. They start to close in on CereCere, who desperately tries to explain.

While the Quartet is distracted, Artemis grabs Lita and Mina's wands. He throws the wands to them and tells them that they must summon their new powers. Lita and Mina concentrate, and their wands start to glow. The air around them glows green and orange and the vines dissolve. They transform.
Lita and Mina glowing
The Quartet are still arguing when Jupiter and Venus walk over. They introduce themselves and give a speech. Venus blasts the Quartet with her new "Venus Love and Beauty Shock!" while Jupiter uses her new attack, "Jupiter Oak Evolution!" to free the rest of the Scouts from the plant and blast JaraJara. Mini-moon summons Pegasus and JaraJara gets moon dusted. The evil plants are also gone, and Jupiter and Venus are friends again. The Amazonesses disappear.This is a bad thing
Now that the evil plants are gone, everyone comes back to the bazaar. Mina gives Lita the bear, fixed and ready to be sold. Lita takes it--and then she sees Mina's fingers, covered with band-aids. Mina says they're fine, and stuffs her hands behind her back. Kataro comes up and grabs the bear. He says his daddy will pay for it--and guess who his daddy is? Mr. Honjo. Mina and Lita are embarrassed, to say the least, over this revelation. Kataro says he'll love the stuffed fish. Mina and Lita both yell "It's a teddy bear!"He's married...

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